Today, we honor one of America's visionaries, someone who inspired us to dream BIG and to believe in our dreams: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. His most famous speech, "I Have A Dream," rallied millions of Americans around the vision of unity, of looking beyond labels and what's on the outside to understand and respect the differences we each have that only add to the majesty of the fabric that makes this nation great. 

When I set out creating Merry Everything, one thing I wanted to make sure of was that I honored the beauty of diversity in both the products we'd offer and the artisans and businesses I choose to buy from. These adorable handmade ballerina dolls, available with dark as well as light skin, allow little girls of color to act our their imaginations and dreams so much more powerfully. You'll also notice that the product photography includes girls of color playing with the dolls.

Finally, we sources these dolls from a minority-owned business.  You can browse all of the products offered from Minority-Owned Businesses in our Shop With A Conscience section here.

This, honestly, should be the norm. Until it is, however, let Merry Everything serve as an example for others.

Dream on, Merry Makers!

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