About Us

Merry Everything is not your ordinary online boutique. Here, you'll find beautiful and unique items sourced from artisans and from small and micro businesses across the United States and in villages around the world. By sharing them with you, we support the gifts of these artists, creators, and makers - many of whom draw their skills and wisdom of their craft from the generations before them. Every season we delight in revealing very special, curated collections for you to share with others or enjoy yourself. All of Merry Everything's product lines include joy-full selections for every stage and every age of life.

Our philosophy

Our mission is simple: to create and and to share joy!

Merry Everything is grounded in gratefulness because, well, once you reach a certain point in life, it becomes more and more apparent how much there is to be thankful for! It's our belief that life is so much richer and most fulfilling when we are surrounded by the people and things we cherish. That's why, in the summer of 2023, our owner Jamie Prince decided to channel her creativity to build a shop where we can all go when we'd like another treasure to give, or to keep.

Why Merry Everything?

We chose the name Merry Everything because all of us agree that each day we have in Earth School (a catchy term we picked up from one of our dearest creators) is truly a gift. And that's where we come in! Our name reflects our belief that every season is worth celebrating, and that this is possible because joy can exist when things are good, when they're bad, and when they're ugly. Joy is both our mountaintop when life is at its fullest, and our life preserver when the swells of the journey threaten to pull us under.

With a bow on top!

Our shop is full of gifts, and we make gift giving easy so that you can actually enjoy it. Whether what you need is our gift-wrapping service, a personal shopper to come alongside you (or your business!) to offer help, or you actually have a special event that needs a special someone who knows what they're doing to manage it for you, Merry Everything is the team in your dugout. We support you in every way we can, so that you end up hitting a home run every time.