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Art Collection Inventory Record Book

Art Collection Inventory Record Book

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Keeping a comprehensive and up to date record of your art collection is one of the most important aspects of art collecting. This logbook takes away the guesswork about what information you will and won’t need, and lays out this information in a beautiful, easy to read, and quickly searchable format. Whether you are an amature art collector with a small collection, or an experienced, professional art collector and reseller, an appropriate record of your collection is always good practice. Information such as this is also vital when filing insurance claims, and may be the difference between receiving payment and not.


  • Title page with clearly noted start and finish date - for those who may require more than one book as their collections grow
  • Fillable Contents page - For easily searching your art by name, artist or sale price with Clearly Marked page number and artwork number
  • Space to Catalogue 50 Artworks
  • Notes pages at the end of the book for admin or other required purposes


  • 8.5 x 11 Inch
  • Printed on White Paper
  • 120 Pages
  • Soft Cover
  • Perfect Bound
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