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Cleerly Stated's 30-Day Love Out Loud Booklet

Cleerly Stated's 30-Day Love Out Loud Booklet

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Cleerly Stated's Love Out Loud booklet is meant to guide you through 30 days (or however you’d like to work it—it’s flexible!) of “loving out loud.” Each subject includes two days: Love Prep and Love Practiced. —“Love Prep” digs into what loving that subject really means, allowing our hearts to meditate + make it personal. It includes your focus for the day, a prayer, scripture, and space to write. —“Love Practiced” provides a practical way to show up and space to share how God works. It includes your prompt for the day, a quote, and space to jot down a reflection after completing your act of love for the day :) Low pressure, high quality—that’s how it should work. Loving others, right where we are, with exactly what we have.

Size: 4" x 5.75"—perfect size to throw in your bag and go!

About the Maker

Cleerely Stated out of her own personal need. After going through a really hard breakup, navigating her career as a young professional, and struggling with deep insecurity, she realized she was at a crossroads in her life: She could either continue to snowball and believe the lies about herself and her future or she could dig into truth and discover her God-given identity.

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