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DiscGo Premium Bluetooth Record Player

DiscGo Premium Bluetooth Record Player

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*Guaranteed to arrive before Father's Day if ordered by Mon., June 10th*

The DiscGo BT Round 3 Speed Record Player may look retro but it is full of modern technology! What makes the DiscGo BT so different is it the only record player that is round, and it has the ability to send the sound from any 7'' to 12'' record to any Bluetooth Speaker, so whether you have a surround sound system or just a portable speaker, all you do is connect up and play your records. The three–speed record player with bluetooth streaming makes it the perfect gift for today's modern music lover who appreciates music history. It's playback capability and flip-over stylus makes it a very versatile record player giving the user many hours of listening enjoyment. Whether you like rock, classical, R&B or jazz, the DiscGo BT is the only record player you need! 

Dimensions: 13.8 x 13.8 x 7.1 in

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