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Glass Cross (Seaglass)

Glass Cross (Seaglass)

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When words seem to fail, these crosses by Cleerly Stated are created to stand in the gap —to be the hug that you or someone else needs. Each cross comes packaged—complete + ready to encourage any heart that receives it. Or for your own house or heart, it’s the perfect addition to any shelf, desk, or coffee table.
  • Color: Seaglass green (Additional colors can be found here.)
  • Comes intentionally packaged in a 5"x 7"x 1.5" gift box with linen ribbon
  • Glass cross is approximately 5.5" x 3.5" x 1"; 13 oz
  • Philanthropically-minded
  • Woman-owned business

About Cleerly Stated

Cleere Cherry from Greenville, NC founded Cleerly Stated in 2016 out of her own personal need. After going through a really hard breakup, navigating her career as a young professional, and struggling with deep insecurity, she realized she was at a crossroads in her life: she could either continue to snowball and believe the lies about herself and her future or she could dig into truth and discover her God-given identity. It was through this realization that she created a set of Scripture cards. Before long,  many friends and a few store owners also expressed interest in having a set. She has since sold more than 10,000 of the Scripture cards and expanded Cleerly Stated's product line to include so many more inspiring selections.

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